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Neurosonic e-guitar Robocaster
Neurosonic e-guitar recorder keyboard
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Neurosonic e-guitar Robocaster is the result of a virtual crossbreeding between an e-guitar, an e-piano, the world wide web, and... you, the hertzian freak !

With this simple, but fully functional online music studio, you can now compose music, record it, replay it, and share it immediately with the entire world. Access to this new artist's corner is totally free.

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Modulator Jane's online disco pages

Is Da Vinci's Mona Lisa alive ? Some say yes, some say no. But here, you will see her flashing in the spotlights of an online disco anyway ! To check this multimedia experience, turn your speakers on, and take a ride with Modulator Jane.

Modulator Jane's online disco

Souvenirs of Xan

Xan, robotic art

A trip into chaos

If you really arrived here by chance, don't miss this ! Souvenirs of Xan are the result of an exploration of some strange regions of chaos. As a product of behavioral robotics and intelligent networks, Xan has developed the ability to paint its own inner worlds. Could robots ever become artists ? The answer could be right here...

Click here for a hallucinating trip across the logical worlds of Xan.

Wild machines & underground Java

Picture, designed by robot Xan

This section is regularly updated with new applets, demos, freeware, java source code and free downloads.

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Previous additions :
  • The Garbage Tracker : an interactive view on the hidden garbage collector system in Java. Freeware.

  • Quick Color Browser : an easy, click-and-see pixel viewer applet. Downloadable Java application. Freeware.

  • The Jazz Machine : a musical frequency generator. 100% java, 100% open source, 100% freeware.

  • Smart Patterns : a graphic, interactive morpho-syntaxic analyzer. A product of artificial intelligence.

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